reWoven’s Year of Plenty

reWoven has been in full swing over the past year, despite the lack of evidence on our website. We have been so busy gathering yarn, discover new designs, and weaving new rugs that we have not had time to stop and tell the world about it. But now is your chance to enjoy the fruit of our labor. We have a gallery full of new rugs. Some have already been sold, but many are still available. Please contact us if you see one that you would like to take home.


A batch of recently completed rugs ready for their final wash and trim.

At reWoven’s first exhibition just about one year ago, we had thirteen completed rugs from over a years worth of effort. Since that time, we have completed twenty-two additional rugs, and the majority of them are larger sizes. So we are celebrating the progress and momentum. And we still have many new rugs on the looms!


No Two Rugs are Created Equal

You will notice in our gallery that we unapologetically repeat our favorite designs. This is a centuries old tradition and why antique rugs can be grouped into distinct design families with numerous examples exhibiting the same patterns. Weavers would repeat designs embraced by their community. They would copy rugs that were already on their own floors or borrow a beloved example from their neighbor.

Even when we give two weavers the exact same pattern, their creations are far from copies. Each weaver can decide where to place certain colors, how thick to trim the pile, and how to modify the pattern to their own liking. Additionally, there are always the unintended misplaced knots that give each rug their character. Every reWoven rug is absolutely unique!

Terlan discovers the differences between her rug and a similar piece woven in a different village. Notice how Terlan put the random dots inside the medallions into neat rows in her rug on the ground.