reWoven heads to Pheasant’s Tears

Following our successful exhibition at the Axhundov House, reWoven is back in the village weaving rugs and exploring new avenues to share this beautiful art with the world.

Terlan Star Border

On a visit to Qarachop, the weaving village, after the exhibition, I gave out printed photographs from the exhibition to the weavers who were able to attend. It was such an honor and treat for each them. On one visit, Terlan shared with me a rug she had just woven for herself. She loved the stars in the border on the reWoven rug she wove (Chelaberd – #002), so she incorporated them into her own rug. It was fun to see that our project had helped to inspire a local weaver. Please also note the colors in her rug, which accurately reflect the color palette of the past decades. The harmonious colors of natural dyes were long ago replaced by synthetic colors, some of which are quite florescent. It is our honor to put naturally dyed yarn back in the hands of weavers. But we are happy to see the craft continue in any form.


We picked up our latest complete rug from our star weaver, Tukazvan. This is her third rug with reWoven, and it is absolutely stunning. The weaving is superb along with its classic “Star Kazak” design which displays interlocking geometric shapes with a myriad of colors. If you look closely at the upper cross bar of the loom in the picture, you’ll notice a small pair of hand-knitted socks hanging there. On my last visit to their home, Tukazvan’s mother-in-law, Janet, asked if she could have a little bit of yarn to knit some socks for the baby in my wife’s belly. Janet proudly displays her handy work alongside Tukazvan’s new creation.

Following the conclusion of our exhibition at the Axhundov House, our rugs have headed east along the Kakhetian highway to Sighnaghi. Enroute, the rugs passed their birthplace of Qarachop/Iormughanlo and continued east on to Sighnaghi, a quaint hilltop town with lots of history and beauty. We are honored to display our rugs at Pheasant’s Tears tasting cellar and restaurant (18 Baratashvili Street, Sighnaghi). The restaurant’s delicious dishes and locally crafted wines draw travelers from around the world who can now also learn about efforts to revive local handicrafts. The rugs show beautifully on the venues’ ancient brick walls.  We hope many travelers will want to take home with them a piece of our woven art!