Tukazvan is reWoven’s very first weaver, and the first to complete two rugs. She is a true artist who takes great pride in her work. Her second rug is our finest woven to date, with the tightest knot count and knot placement. While most women in her village had stopped weaving years ago, Tukazvan has continued to weave for herself and others up to the present. With three daughters, she had plenty of reasons to weave rugs for their dowries.

One of the brightly shining lights in Tukazvan’s life is her abundantly joyful mother-in-law, Janet (appropriately meaning “heaven”). At the age of 78, Janet herself still helps to string looms and spins her own yarn to knit wool socks for the cold winter months. One of Janet’s daughters, Terlan, also weaves. Tukazvan’s husband, Mirze, is just one of Janet’s 12 children. With help from his son, Mirze maintains a flock of sheep. Each spring, they walk the sheep 250 kilometers to summer mountain pastures.