By assisting her mom at the loom, Terlan began to weave when she was 13-years-old. She has never stopped. Like her sister-in-law Tukazvan, Terlan continued to weave when nearly everyone else in her village had given up. She is very talented and hard working.

Terlan had a very eventful beginning to 2013. Her daughter gave birth to her first grandchild, her son got married, and her other daughter became engaged, all within two months!

Terlan and her husband’s primary business is buying and selling sheep wool. They buy wool from shepherds by the ton. Then they hire teams of people to wash the wool in the river. The wool is then sold in bulk and most of it goes to Azerbaijan where it is used as stuffing for traditional mattresses and comforters. But some wool is also spun into yarn for weaving and knitting.