Children: no children, widowed Age: 73 (born 1947)
Village: Kosalar, Tetriskaro, Republic of Georgia

Terlan has four brothers and three sisters. While she only studied to the second grade, her sharp mathematical mind is evident as she computes the length the width of a rug, and required number of knots to complete the intricate designs within it.
Based on the recommendations of others, we knocked on Terlan’s door several times during the years of our search for rug weavers. But each time, we were denied. Either the season was not right, or Terlan was already busy at the loom with a different project. Thankfully, our yarn ultimately ended up in the hands of her neighbors. Despite the lack of initial success with Terlan, in many ways it was she who opened the door for reWoven to enter her village, Kosalar.