Age: 58 (born 1961)
Children: None
Village: Kosalar, Republic of Georgia

Minaye was born in a town near Kosalar named Shili. She grew up in a large family with three sisters and 2 brothers. When she was 17 years old she sat down at the loom with her mother and learned the craft of weaving. Minaye never married, but was forced by her father to leave her childhood home and live by herself in Kosalar. It is unclear exactly what circumstances led to this unfortunate family rift, but it is clear that Minaye has had a painful and lonely life. In Azeri culture a woman’s worth is almost exclusively derived from marriage and raising children. It is our purpose at reWoven to show Minaye that even though she would be considered “cursed” for her difficult lot in life, she is in fact a valuable and precious person. One that produces excellent rugs I might add!