Age: 58 (born 1962)
Children: 1 son and 2 daughters, 7 grandchildren
Village: Kosalar, Tetriskaro, Republic of Georgia

Mehriban learned to weave at a young age from her mom. As an only child, there was not much competition for her mom’s attention at that loom. But like most women in her village, she abandoned weaving a couple decades ago. Only recently did she begin to weave again, and she recruited a couple sisters-in-law to join her. Mehriban and her husband spend their summers in their home village of Kosalar, but they spend the winter with their son’s family in Baku, Azerbaijan. Every family in her village have sons and daughters, sister and brothers who left the village in search of work. Most have moved to Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. Kosalar is quickly losing its population, as the young adults leave to earn money, and the older generation passes away.