Age; 39 years old (11/23/1981)

Children; 3 boys – Senan, Kenan and Ruslan

Village; Kosalar, Tetritskaro Rupublic of Georgia

Leyla Budakhova was born on November 23, 1981 the youngest of three children. When she was still young her family moved to Baku, Azerbaijan where she grew up and was educated. When Leyla was 20 she married Perviz and moved back to Kosalar where she was born. Leyla from childhood had an affinity for the weaving craft. During the summers she would always visit her grandmother where she would sit beside her and learn how to weave. She always was thankful for how patient her grandmother was in fixing her mistakes and teaching her techniques. In 2015 Leyla began her weaving career with reWoven. Lela really appreciates how she is able to use her considerable down time to make money. It is also especially gratifying knowing that she is helping to keep this tradition alive and introducing so many people to the beauty of hand woven rugs. She believes that weaving is an analogy for our souls. Each of us live day by day working on our character and experiencing things becoming who we were meant to be. In the same way it is only after placing one knot after another that the intended design is revealed.