Age; 47  (born November 4th, 1973)

Children; 3 children and 2 grandchildren

Village; Kosalar, Tetritskaro

Elmira is the daughter of our beloved weaver Suraya Memisheva. She is the second oldest with–five brothers and one sister. Elmira began here weaving career at the age of sixteen learning the craft from her mother Suraya. When she was nineteen she got married and moved into her new husbands family. Her new mother-in-law was a weaver as well and so her training continued in her new home. Elmira’s husband is a shepherd and sometimes it can be a struggle to get by. During a particularly hard season Suraya reached out to Elmira and offered to have her come and help her weave rugs with reWoven. In exchange they would share the pay. In early 2020 Elmira became an independent weaver in her own right. We are proud to have her on the team!