Tree of Life Kazak

Estimated Age: circa 1870

Size: 7ft. by 4ft. 7in. (2.13 by 1.40 m.)

Source: Bonhams (auction)

Sold for $4,112 on March 15, 2005

Antique Rug Description

The “tree Kazak” or “tree of life” rug has many antique examples displaying the exact same potted trees with diamonds in the trunk and an angular, latticed branch pattern. The variation within this rug family comes from the number of tree columns (one in this case, with minor sub-trees), and the presence or absence of octagonal medallions beside the trees (absent in this example). They always have a red field with alternating blue and white trees.

This example has a large variety of smaller elements ranging from animals to stars. It is fun to see the random shapes the weaver used to fill in empty space in the field. The border is filled with a simple box pattern in various colors. The plant forms of “tree Kazaks” provide a nice contrast from the typical medallions of other design families.

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Tree of Life (Həyat Ağacı) – #013

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