Sevan Prayer Rug – #020 *SOLD

6ft. 1in. by 4ft. 0in. (1.88 by 1.22m.)

This Rug’s reWoven Story

This is Sahibe’s second rug that she has woven with her mother-in-law for reWoven. They work quite fast together. Each rug has only taken them about a month to weave. Their rug-weaving is a significant source of income for them, which certainly motivates them to be productive on the loom. reWoven has used this same design before. But it is always interesting to see how different the rug is based upon the woman’s hands who weave it. This rug is much longer and softer than its twin.

Antique Inspiration

Sevan Prayer Rug009.55x150Click on the image above for more information.

Meet its Weaver

Sahibe Teranova