Sevan Prayer Rug – #009  *SOLD

4ft. 9in. by 4ft. 0in. (1.46 by 1.22m.)

This Rug’s reWoven Story

This rug became a mother-daughter project. While Senem started the rug, it was really her aging mom who finished it. After starting the rug, Senem had to be away from home often as she joined her husband in gathering fresh cheese and butter from shepherds in the mountains. So her mother filled in, not always with her daughters approval. Senem is clearly more particular than her mom, and wove with greater precision and regularity. But every rug needs some variety to add personality to the piece, and Senem’s mother was glad to contribute generously.

Antique Inspiration

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The Weaver

Senem Bayramova


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