Senem Bayramova

Age: 45

Children: 2 daughters (married) and 1 son, 5 grandkids

About the Weaver

Senem learned how to weave from her mom at the age of seven. But she had not woven for years before weaving her rug for reWoven. Her mom was once again at her side, helping Senem string the loom and complete the rug.

Senem and her husband are in the dairy product business. They supply shepherds in mountain pastures with the food staples they need (fresh vegetables, tea, sugar, etc.). In return, they receive fresh cheese and butter from the shepherd’s cows and sheep which they in turn sell in the market. So for the summer months, they are constantly traveling from the village market to mountain pastures and back. Senem’s mother often kept the weaving going in her daughters absence.

Rugs by the Weaver

Sevan Prayer Rug – #009

9 fullb150

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