Chelaberd – #002  *SOLD

7ft. 4in. by 4ft. 11in. (2.24 by 1.50m.)

This Rug’s reWoven Story

Terlan received the yarn and design for this rug at the same time as our first weaver, Tukazvan, in mid-December 2012. But she did not begin weaving until the end February 2013. Her delay was not without legitimate reasons. All of her three children had major milestones in their lives during these months. Her youngest daughter became betrothed, her son got married, and her oldest daughter gave birth to her first grandchild.

All of these events require an elaborate celebration which takes significant time and money, especially on the part of the mother. Any one of these events would be a reasonable excuse for starting the weaving late, much less all three together.

But once Terlan started weaving, she completed the rug at a brisk pace. reWoven never pressures the weaver to weave. Their weaving needs to fit into their flow of life. In Terlan’s case, the wait was well worth it. If there is any truth to the adage “better late than never” , it was embodied in the gorgeous rug that emerged from her hands.

While the design given to Terlan included smaller motifs and figures (including little people) in the field, she chose not to include them. She thought there were silly she preferred the bold look of the solid red field.

Antique Inspiration

Chelaberd (Çələbi) Kazak Rug


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Meet its Weaver

Terlan Mamedova


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