Lori Pambak – #001  *SOLD

7ft. 3in. by 5ft. 1in. (2.22 by 1.55m.)

This Rug’s reWoven Story

This is reWoven’s very first completed rug. Both Tukazvan and Terlan were given yarn at the same time, but only Tukazvan was able to start weaving immediately. After giving Tukazvan her yarn, I was out of country for 6 weeks. But even in my absence, I knew the rug was progressing because I received phone calls from Georgia to the US saying she was running out of black yarn. Upon returning, the rug was half way completed, and looked absolutely stunning. The yarn and design had been in my hand for a year, waiting for a weaver to accept the challenge to bring it to life. What a joy to see the naturally-dyed yarn becoming a rug on a simple wooden loom, perfectly representing the beauty and artistry of centuries past.

One artistic flare that Tukazvan contributed to this rug was putting the magical light blue in the outside border, while using navy blue in the inner parallel border. The plan was that both borders would be navy. The contrast provides an intriguing and attractive diversity to its composition.

Antique Inspiration

Lori Pambak Kazak Rug


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The Weaver

Tukazvan Mamedova


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