Rena Sulfiyeva

Age: 40

About the Weaver

Rena’s story is a bit unique. She is not an original inhabitant of Qaraçöp village. She is actually from Lerik, a mountainous region in the south of Azerbaijan which is inhabited by a distinct ethic group, the Talish. But in the twists and turns of life, Rena married into a wonderful family in Qaraçöp which provided her with an instantaneous extended family, including a beautiful granddaughter whom she loves dearly.

Rena’s attention to detail and pride in her own handiwork was evident from the very beginning. She attentively listened to every instruction, and asked insightful questions. Needless to say, Rena is a pleasure to work with. She learned to weave rugs at the age of seventeen, but she had not woven for many years. The same boldness that brought her to Qaraçöp launched her into bringing a beautiful new rug to life.

Rugs by this Weaver

Karachopt Rug – #012

12 fullb150

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