Pompol Garagashova

Age: 51

Children: never married

Village: Kosalar, Tetriskaro, Republic of Georgia

About the Weaver

Pompol is one of eight siblings, which is an average-sized sibling set from her generation. Her two relatives, with whom she often weaves, Heqiqet and Ziyafat, came from families with six and eight siblings, respectively. Now most families have two children. Three is an absolute rarity.

Pompol has no children because she never married. Since her father passed away, she stays at home alone to care of her elderly mom. All of Pompol’s siblings and their families have moved away from their village in search of work. Some are in Russia, others are in Baku. Leaving the village for work is commonplace among every family in the village. this area.

Pompol is the weaving “free-agent” of the village. Where most women will only weave in their own home, or with a trusted partner, Pompol not only weaves on her own, at home, but also joined two different teams in two other homes. She loves to joke about “tearing teams apart” when she plans to break up a team and head to another weaving opportunity.

Rugs by this Weaver

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