Nergiz Isayeva

Age: 44

Children: 2 sons and 1 daughter (2 married, 1 engaged)

About the Weaver

Nergiz lives in the in the Qazlar village of Qaraçöp, along with Gozel and other weavers. She wanted to weave a rug after she saw Gozel weaving. Nergiz sat down beside her and tied a few knots to see if she still had the touch. It had been decades since she last wove. She learned how to weave when she was 11-years-old. But rather than learning from her mom, who apparently did not know how to weave, Nergiz learned from other women.

Nergiz, along with her husband and sons, often stays outside of the village with their flocks in the pastures. It is almost a semi-nomadic life, going back and forth between the village to the pastures. Nergiz wove her rug during a period of time at home.

Rugs by this Weaver

Lori Pambak Prayer Rug – #014

14 fullb150

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