Lori Pambak Prayer Rug

Estimated Age: circa 1890

Size: 5ft. 8in. by 4ft. 3in. (1.72 by 1.30m.)

Source: Sotheby’s (auction)

Sold for $32,683 on March 5, 2008, exceeding its estimate of $4,060-6,090

Antique Rug Description

This antique rug is sometimes called a “Frog Kazak” because of the shape of the central figure. There are only a limited number of antique examples of this same rug design (less than ten), and less than half of those exhibit the ivory field in a mihrab prayer-rug shape. Instead, the ivory field is a traditional square.

We chose the name “Lori Pambak” for this prayer rug because of its striking design similarities to the full-sized Lori Pambak rug. Notice the similar design of the central medallion, including the frog shape (minus the horizontal arms) and the saw-tooth inner edge.

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Lori Pambak Prayer Rug – #014

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