Lori Pambak Prayer Rug – #016 *SOLD

5ft. 8in. by 4ft. 3in. (1.72 by 1.30m.)

This Rug’s reWoven Story

Like most of our weavers, Xuraman had not woven a rug for at least 15 years before she took on this challenge. It was not quite as easy as she hoped, but she persevered to a great result. It took Xuraman over three months to complete the rug as she reacquainted herself with the craft, and fit in weaving with her other responsibilities. We have woven this design before, but Xuraman was able to reproduce the original design and color placement with greater success.

Antique Inspiration

Lori Pambak Prayer Rug


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Meet its Weaver

Xuraman Mamedova

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