Lori Pambak Prayer Rug – #014 *SOLD

5ft. 2in. by 4ft. 1in. (1.6 by 1.25m.)

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This Rug’s reWoven Story

Nergiz was inspired to weave again when she saw her neighbor Gozel working at the loom. Nergiz had not woven for more than 20 years. She recruited her own neighbor, Qetibe, to weave their own rug together. With the assistance of Gozel, they began to bring to life a new rug.

Out of all of our rugs, this one contrasts the most with its scripted design. Colors were exchanged and lines redrawn. The printed designs we provide to our weavers are more like guides rather than rigid maps. It is always interesting to see what the final creation will look like. It is wonderful to have the weaver’s personality expressed in the rug.

The bold red and solid white in the field display an attractive contrast, along with highlights of gold, navy, light blue. The playful irregularities in the border and field give great life to this rug. No two elements look exactly the same, testifying to the hand-made nature of this rug.

Antique Inspiration

Lori Pambak Prayer Rug


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Meet its Weaver

Nergiz Isayeva


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