Kazak Prayer Rug – #003 *SOLD

5ft. 8in. by 2ft. 10in. (1.75 by 0.88m.)

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This Rug’s reWoven Story

Selnaz barrowed a narrow loom from a friend, so we drew a narrow design that could fit it. Selnaz is an incredibly spunky woman. It was obvious from the very beginning that she is a woman firmly set in her ways. Requests for her to tie her knots shorter so that less yarn would go to waste was met the response “I’ve always done it this way and I’m not going to change.”

Because of her age, we intentionally gave her a very simple repetitive design. But despite these considerations, she still “failed” to execute it. Like a child refusing to color within the lines, the lines and shapes in her rug often take whimsical twists and turns. But far from being defects, these irregularities perfectly express her playful spirit and infectious joy. Each reWoven rug wonderfully portrays the personality of its artisan.

The scribble inside the white teacup-shapes in the center field express the year of the rug’s weaving. This tradition goes back centuries, and is the most definitive way to determine the age of an antique piece. The date is typically written in Arabic script and corresponds to the Islamic Hijri calendar which begins in AD 622 when the Islamic Prophet Muhammad emigrated from Mecca to Medina. The Gregorian year 2013 corresponds to 1434 in the Hijri calendar. This date is written here in Arabic script.

Antique Inspiration

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The Weaver

Selnaz Bayramova


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