Karachopt Rug – #012  *SOLD

7ft. 2in. by 5ft. 1in. (2.2 by 1.55m.)

This Rug’s reWoven Story

This rug is very special. The design of this rug is known the world over by the name Qaraçöp (Karachopt), and it is the first one woven by reWoven in the village of its namesake. Most importantly, it turned out absolutely stunningly, and in true likeness to its ancient predecessors.

Few antique Caucasian rugs are perfectly symmetrical in their drawing, particularly from top to bottom. A weaver would begin with a certain design in mind. But after reaching halfway, they often realized they did not have the space left on the loom to make the top half identical to the bottom. So that had to adjust. We encountered a similar challenge with this rug. Some of the design elements needed to reduced in the top half of the rug to maintain a desirable length.

Additionally, there are some priceless irregularities in this rug, particularly among the stars in the white boxes on each end. The weaver herself did not notice them until they were pointed out. These playful anomalies, along with its vivid green field and golden borders, make this a classic Qaraçöp rug.

Antique Inspiration

Karachopt Kazak Rug


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The Weaver

Rena Sulfiyeva


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