Karachopt Prayer Rug – #007 *SOLD

5ft. 6in. by 3ft. 10in. (1.68 by 1.17m.)

This Rug’s reWoven Story

Because most of our weavers have not woven for years, they no longer have a loom of their own. Parts from old looms became fence posts and firewood. Such was the case with Sara, the weaver of this rug. We went through three different looms (all borrowed from around the village) and mixed and matched parts before assembling a useable loom.

While it took a couple weeks to get the loom situation sorted out, Sara certainly wasted no time once it was in place. Sara wove quickly and skillfully to produce a beautiful with a very unique design, despite not having woven for twenty-four years. She spontaneously filled in the colors of the shielded bugs that crawl up and down the border.

Antique Inspiration

Karachopt Kazak Prayer Rug007.10. 0her9783x150

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The Weaver

Sara Mirzayeva


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