Hevva Orujova

Age: 61 (1955)

Children: 2 sons, 4 daughters, 2 grandchildren (so far)

Village: Iormughanlo (Karachopt), Kakheti, Republic of Georgia

About the Weaver

We first knocked on Hevva’s door many months before reWoven found its start in her village. Hevva was not home and the men of the house seemed disinterested, so nothing came of it. Tukazvan was destined to be our first weaver. A year and a half later, when Tukazvan had already started her fourth rug, she told us her sister also wanted to weave with our project. Only when we arrived at her sister’s door did we realize that providence had brought us back to Hevva’s house some two years after our first attempt. In a village of 20,000 people, and seeing that the sisters married into families far apart from each other, the odds are staggering.

In an age when most younger gals do not want anything to do with weaving, Hevva’s four grown daughters are unique. They take turns sitting at the loom, with or without their mother by their side. Their father is almost never home, literally. He lives with their flocks in either their summer or winter pastures. Hevva’s four daughters rotate in teams of two between staying at home (and weaving) or assisting their father with the flocks. Hevva’s two sons have largely avoided the shepherding life by becoming metal workers.

Rugs by this Weaver

Coming soon.