Heqiqet Garagashova

Age: 63

Children: 2 sons and 2 daughters, 9 grandkids, 1 great-grandchild

Village: Kosalar, Tetriskaro, Republic of Georgia

About the Weaver

Azerbaijanis are famous for their generous hospitality, and each of our weavers embody this quality. But somehow Heqiqet manages to model a uniquely higher level of hospitality than the rest. She so loves putting food out before guests that she becomes very disappointed if she is not given the opportunity. An equally sincere expression of her genuine sweetness is her answer to the common question “How are you?” Where many respond “Not bad” or “Ok”, she never fails to joyfully proclaim “I am very good! And how are you?!”

The joyful twinkle in Heqiqet’s eye continues as she retells how her parents married. Despite her mother having already spurned several of her father’s advances—as the story goes–her father waited in hiding with some friends as her mom went to the river to wash clothes. Upon her return to the village, they grabbed her and carried her away. Word quickly spread through the village of the “bride-kidnapping”. Heqiqet’s maternal grandmother was not pleased with the news, but her grandfather immediately approved the relationship. While not as common as it was in the past, marriage by abduction still persists within the Azerbaijani community.

Rugs by this Weaver

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