Gozel Ismailova

Age: 51

Children: 5 sons (2 married) and 2 grandsons

About the Weaver

Gozel, who’s name means “beautiful”, is a mother of five sons. Despite this, or perhaps because of this, she declares that girls are better than boys. Gozel had not woven a rug since 1994 before she started with reWoven. A contributing factor may very well be her lack of daughters. Rugs were traditionally woven for a bride’s dowry with the help of their mom. But by only having sons, Gozel had no brides or dowries to prepare.

Gozel is a very talented weaver, known for her skills throughout her village. She is finishing her second rug, and she is helping other weavers get started. Her whole family is industrious. Her husband owns a tractor, and one of her sons is a teacher at the local school. By having raised five boys, Gozel certainly has to be used to all the activity.

Rugs by this Weaver

Bordjalou Rug – #011

11 fullb150

Tree of Life (Həyat Ağacı) – #013

13 fullb150

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