Fachralo Prayer Rug – #006  *SOLD

4ft. 11in. by 4ft. 1in. (1.51 by 1.26m.)

This Rug’s reWoven Story

This rug is by far the finest in reWoven’s collection. It’s weaver, Tukazvan, paid enormous detail to the fineness of every intricate knot that she tied. Rugs from this region are not traditionally finely woven. They are historically woven with hearty yarn and bold geometric patterns. And this rug is no exception. But it has a significantly higher knot count as a result of its fine knots. Despite using the same yarn found in all of our other rugs, Tukazvan’s attention to detail allowed her to fit 30-40% more knots within the same area. The intricacy of the rug is primarily noticeable from its back. The design is perfectly discernable from the back, without any visible inconsistencies in the warp or weft. It is a masterpiece.

Antique Inspiration

Fachralo Kazak Prayer Rug004&6.5a.full rugx150

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The Weaver

Tukazvan Mamedova


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