Bordjalou Rug – #011 *SOLD

6ft. 3in. by 4ft. 4in. (1.92 by 1.34m.)

This Rug’s reWoven Story

Gozel’s neighborhood, Qazlar, is on the outskirts of the primary Qaraçöp village. Qazlar is actually where we met with our first potential weaver, and the home of Izzetxan who helped launch this project. Despite these connections to Qazlar, no weavers emerged. But Gozel, our 10th weaver, is the first from Qazlar.

But even if Gozel joined the project “late”, she certainly has made up for lost time. She recruited her neighbor to join her on this rug, and together they wove it in 37 days. But in no way did they sacrifice quality. The precision of the knots is excellent, and the rug came out perfectly even in width and length.

Stringing the loom was no minor event in their neighborhood. Many neighbors came by to see what was happening, and to offer their encouragement and blessings. It is always wonderful to see a new rug begin to take form. Gozel and her weaving partner were absolutely thrilled by their completed rug.

Antique Inspration

Bordjalou Kazak Rug

011.48.203 x153x150

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The Weaver

Gozel Ismailova


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