Bordjalou Prayer Rug – #008 *SOLD

5ft. 9in. by 3ft. 0in. (1.77 by 0.92m.)

This Rug’s reWoven Story

While many of our weavers exude boldness and confidence, Zalxa is not one of them. She is shy and timid, but very approachable and kind. It was easy to initially mistake her timidity as a lack of commit or competency to weave. She was even hesitant to get involved in the stringing of the loom, so we had Tukazvan and Janet come over and do it.

But once Zalxa began weaving, her skill was immediately evident. Each knot found its proper place, and the pile was trimmed low to fully reveal the underlying design. Zalxa certainly took her time on the rug. Granted, she began weaving the rug just before summer, the busiest season in a village woman’s life. Flocks are in pasture, crops are planted and harvested, and reserves for winter are stockpiled. The rug took 108 days to be completed, but looks magnificent.

Antique Inspiration

Bordjalou Kazak Prayer Rug


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The Weaver

Zalxa Aliyeva


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