Bordjalou Prayer Rug – #005  *SOLD

5ft. 9in. by 4ft. 0in. (1.77 by 1.22m.)

This Rug’s reWoven Story

Fatma first expressed interest in weaving with reWoven in Decemeber 2012, but she suddenly backed out. Having regretted that decision, and the time that passed without her weaving, she later accepted the challenge in mid-March 2013. After she started weaving, several blessings came into her life. She welcomed her first grandchild into the world, and she was given a grant to open a preschool in her house. While both of these blessings limited the time that she could commit to weaving, she did a wonderful job on rug. She just wished she had started sooner, believing the blessings would have also arrived sooner.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this rug’s design is its apparent blend of Islamic and Christian symbols. The design is unquestionably a traditional Muslim prayer rug with its distinct mihrab intended to point toward Mecca. And yet there are also numerous crosses incorporated into the design. Do the crosses have any religious significance, or are they random geometric design elements? If they are intentional cross shapes, could this reflect the proximity of the Muslim Azerbaijanis to their Christians neighbors in Armenian, Georgian, and Russia? Without knowing the original weaver’s intention, it was interesting to watch the reaction of the villagers to the cross-like shapes. Some were indifferent, others indignant. But all were surprised to see cross shapes on the image of the antique rug.

Antique Inspiration

Bordjalou Kazak Prayer Rug005.36x150

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The Weaver

Fatma Mamedova


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