Aybeniz Elezova

Age: 46

Children: 3 daughters and 1 son


About the Weaver

Aybeniz is the proud mother of four children. She is very hard working as she helps to provide for her family. Sometimes she is at home in the village to cook and clean and care for her family. At other times, she stays out in the pastures where her family keeps their herds and flocks. She helps with feeding and milking the animals and supporting the shepherds. They all stay in rustic dwellings that dot the hillsides.

Going back and forth between the village and the pasture is a very common pattern of life for many families in Qaraçöp. Most animals have to be grazed outside of the village, so family members take turns caring for them. As is very common in the village, families band together to provide for their needs.

Rugs by this Weaver

Fachralo Prayer Rug – #004

4 fullb150

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