Sevan Prayer Rug

Estimated Age: circa 1880

Size: 4ft. 7in. by 4ft. 3in. (1.40 by 1.29m.)

Source: Sotheby’s (auction)

Sold for $15,600 on December 14, 2006, exceeding its estimate of $8,000-12,000

Antique Rug Description

While there are no other known examples of this prayer rug design, this piece shares many common elements to a design family of full-sized rugs known as Sevan. The defining element of Sevan rugs are their large cruciform medallion in the center of the field. Sevan rugs exhibit the exact same border elements as found on this prayer rug, both the flower-filled, horned shapes of the main border, and the alternating blue and red S-shapes on the white border in the field. Other motifs in the field are identical as well. The slight mihrab on the top end of the field clearly distinguishes this rug as a prayer rug.

This rug was also included in Raoul Tschebull’s seminal book entitled Kazak which focused solely on this much-beloved genre of rugs.

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Sevan Prayer Rug – #009

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