Karachopt Kazak Rug

Estimated Age: Mid 19th century

Size: 6ft. 8in. by 4ft. 9in. (2.08 by 1.44m.)

Source: Rippon Boswell (auction)

Sold for $31,543 on May 25, 2013

Antique Rug Description

This gorgeous Karachopt Kazak is a classic example of this design family whose namesake is forever linked to Qaraçöp village. Essential to every Karachopt rug is the large octagonal medallion in the center of the field, squared off with corner pieces that are nearly always filled with a spotted checkerboard pattern. This is an extremely rare example with solid red corners.

Additional common Karachopt design elements include star-filled, hooked boxes in the corners of the field and other boxes containing ram horn pairs (qoşabuyunuz) and hooked wedges. By far the most common Karachov border is some variation of a running leaf pattern. This Karachov’s border of hooked diamonds is rare.

Beyond these standard elements, Karachov rugs exhibit significant diveristy in their appearance. Field colors vary from green to blue to red, along with a variety of border colors and patterns. Additional variety is created by the minor ornaments that fill the field with animals, diamonds, flowers, and any number of shapes.

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