Karachopt Kazak Prayer Rug

Estimated Age: 1860

Size: 5ft. 4in. by 3ft. 9in. (1.62 by 1.15m.)

Source: Alberto Levi Collection

Antique Rug Description

While most rug designs have numerous similar examples, this prayer rug is seemingly one of a kind. This unique prayer rug actually has handprints and footprints incorporated into its design indicating the posture of prayer. While there is debate over whether “prayer rugs” were ever primarily used as instruments of prayer, the handprints and footprints indicate where a devotee would bow during the “namaz”, the traditional Muslim prayer. Also unique are the multiple checkered motifs reminiscent of Karachopt (Qaraçöp) rugs. The water-bugs crawling along the border are typically found in Sevan rugs. All of these elements combine to create strikingly unique design.

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Karachopt Prayer Rug – #007

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