Fachralo Kazak Prayer Rug

Estimated Age: last quarter 19th century

Size: 5ft. by 3ft. 10in. (1.50 by 1.16m.)

Source: Online Antique Dealer

Antique Rug Description

This is one of many similar Fachralo prayer rugs. Fachralo is the name of an historic Azerbaijani village in southern Georgia, not far from the regional center of Marneuli. The beauty of this rug emanates from its elegant and uncluttered composition. Its simple geometric shapes beautifully display its rich natural colors and lustrous wool.

In the center of the red field lies the blue mihrab, distinguishing this as a prayer rug. Bug shapes encircle the mihrab, along with a few having crawled inside of it. These bugs are found in the borders and fields in quite a variety of Qazax rugs. The zig-zag leaf pattern in the major border complements the simple zig-zag in the minor border. Numerous rugs with similar compositions form one family of Fachralo prayer rugs.

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