Bordjalou Kazak Prayer Rug

Estimated Age: dated 1911

Size: 3ft. 5in. by 5ft. 3in. (1.04 by 1.60m.)

Source: Carpets of the Inner Circle (rug retailer)

Antique Rug Description

This late date Bordjalou (Borçalı) Kazak Prayer Rug exhibits a minimalist design with a strong tribal aesthetic. It contains a triple layered border with simple angular shapes, two of which take the form of running waves. Complementing its minimalist design is a simplistic color palette with a strong presence of red and green and golden highlights.

There is an enigmatic emblem in the center of the rug, somewhat resembling birds sitting on power lines (although the date of the weaving precludes this source of inspiration). The red mihrab shape also contains dark cross-like shapes. It is difficult to tell if these are anthropomorphic elements with angular heads and outstretched arms, of if they draw any inspiration from the Georgian Orthodox cross. The cross of Nino, the first messenger to bring Christianity to Georgia in the 4th century, has drooping horizontal arms. Either way, these shapes mirror the top and bottom of the central emblem.

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Bordjalou Prayer Rug – #008

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