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9 rugs on the loom!

*Like us on facebook, the best way to get the most current news and pictures from reWoven. reWoven is alive with action. We currently have nine rugs on the looms, the most ever at one time! Each is unique creation and woven in a women’s home at her desired pace. We look forward to sharing […]

reWoven’s Year of Plenty

reWoven has been in full swing over the past year, despite the lack of evidence on our website. We have been so busy gathering yarn, discover new designs, and weaving new rugs that we have not had time to stop and tell the world about it. But now is your chance to enjoy the fruit of […]

reWoven heads to Pheasant’s Tears

Following our successful exhibition at the Axhundov House, reWoven is back in the village weaving rugs and exploring new avenues to share this beautiful art with the world. On a visit to Qarachop, the weaving village, after the exhibition, I gave out printed photographs from the exhibition to the weavers who were able to attend. […]

reWoven’s Exhibition Opening at Akhundov House March 19, 2014

We are profoundly grateful for all of the partnership that culminated in a glorious exhibition opening for reWoven at the Akhundov House Gallery on March 19, 2014. We had two wonderful events on the opening day. In the morning, we welcomed Tbilisi’s International Women’s Association to the gallery for a brief presentation about the history of rug […]


  reWoven is in a very exciting stage of its development as we prepare for our first exhibition beginning on March 19th at 7pm at the Akhundov House Art Gallery. This exhibition will be a culmination of more than a year’s worth of work. We wandered the streets of Qaraçöp village (Iormuganlo officially) searching for potential […]

reWoven’s Story: From the Beginning…

reWoven is in the final minutes of a half-time break, which thankfully will provide an opportunity to catch up on recording the events up to this point. Perhaps I should briefly make some mentions of my own personal journey, which are central to origin of this project. A passion for travel and a love for […]